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My SpotLight

What are the advantages of My SpotLight loyalty programme?

  • flexibility (programme modules adaptable to the needs of your business)
  • segmentation and detailed tracking of customer behaviour, needs and interests
  • leveraging your customer data to maximum effect in order to plan future steps
  • retaining existing customers and increasing their purchases
  • automatic reports at your request
  • marketing automatization and attractive campaigns
  • integration with other systems (ERP / POS, CRM, e-commerce)
  • 24/7 technical support and consulting

The justified expectations of the customers are a reliable motive that solidifies their loyalty.

However, it is often the case that even a wide range of quality products, their high usability, as well as the hard work and kindness of salespeople are not enough to keep existing customers coming back. When you add market competition to this, it is very difficult to stand out in the eyes of a confused and indecisive customer.

How do you overcome the competition and create a stronger relationship with customers?

Cards Print has designed My SpotLight, a programme to help you stand out from growing competition and increase sales without investing too much time and money.

My SpotLight is a multifunctional solution that consolidates loyalty and gift programmes with the programme for comprehensive business and customer relationship management (CRM).


This programme allows you to digitize your customer database and accurately track customer behavior and their spending habits. Based on this, you can create customer segmentation and create effective marketing and sales activities in just a few steps in the application. In other words, the programme allows you to offer the right product or service to the right person at the right time.

Also, the programme makes communication with clients easier and personalizes it through the automatic sending of personalized promotional emails and SMS messages. By well-conducted market targeting you increase the chances of a successful sale of a product or service and you also raise awareness of your brand.

My SpotLight, through the parameters you specify, generates different types of automated reports, which contributes to improved services, helps plan future business steps and significantly reduces business risks.

My SpotLight application requires only internet access, and the application can be used on a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

For more information on the programme and its features, visit www.spotlight.rs

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