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Why should you use lanyards:

  • practical use
  • clear identification
  • good advertising material

Nowadays, people look for quick, clear and easily accessible information. Wherever a large number of people circulate, it is necessary to clearly distinguish who assumes which role, who we can address without unpleasant wandering, questioning and waste of time.

Lanyards are an excellent solution because at first glance they make the ones who carry them stand out from the crowd. That is why many companies have seen in them a great tool that can contribute to their better organisation and business. Employees can hang their ID cards on the lanyards. This makes the identification easier, reduces the recording time of entries and exits of employees, and clients know who to address for specific questions. On the other hand, for organisers of major events, concerts, sports events or conferences lanyards with accreditations are an unavoidable item, because recognizable color, logo or brand of the organised event, printed on the lanyard serve itself as an ID tool.

Almost everyone is familiar with a practical side of lanyards. They are most commonly used as ID card, accreditation and pass holders and when used with special accessories, keys, mobile phone, USB sticks, battery lamps can be attached to them.

However, these are not all the possibilities that the lanyards offer you.

The long, flat surface of the lanyards leaves a lot of space for visible branding, which gives additional possibilities to your creativity. By printing a logo or slogan on the lanyard you will get excellent advertising material, but also an effective gift that your customers or employees will like because of its high use value.


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