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Good business is composed of many parameters. Organisation, perseverance, commitment and responsibility are just some of them. However, every successful company would say that people are its highest value. It takes a great team to build clients' trust. The key to success lies in this reciprocity.

How to further strengthen this relationship?

Good communication and organisation show that you are a reliable and serious partner. Show your clients in the right way that you appreciate their trust. Proper promotional gifts can be a nice sign of attention. Promotional ribbons can help you with this. Besides the fact that they show customers they are important to you, these lanyards additionally convey the value of your brand. Whether it's about lanyards, decorative ribbons or keytags with a printed logo or slogan of your company, they remind your customers of your mutual cooperation, but also create space for new people and new job opportunities.


The appropriate accessory makes the lanyard even more functional and more practical. In addition to hooks, thumb triggers, rings and clips of different shapes, we put a particular focus to a special accessory - yoyo ID card holder (retractable reel) which gives the ID card owner greater flexibility as well as a safety...