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Two-piece luggage tags

Why choose two-piece luggage tags?

  • data is not immediately visible, but easily accessible for verification
  • greater design space
  • they represent practical promotional material

Not every solution is a good solution, but the one which is multipurpose, practical, and functional.

These items also make plastic luggage tags a practical option that allows your trip to be free of stress. The cards are made of high-quality materials to be hard and resistant to splitting and wear during transport and are designed to be easily visible. The tags will mean a lot to you when you are in a hurry because thanks to them you can quickly identify your suitcase among so many others.

If you do not want your personal information to be easily visible, two-piece luggage tags can fit you well. The data are on the inner part of the two cards that are linked by a small metal chain. The data written in this way are not immediately noticeable, easily accessible for verification simply by moving one of the cards.

The external pieces of the tag provide more space for your creativity. Using different effects and types of personalization, you can highlight the design of the card as well as the logo or slogan of your company and you can express your creativity.

When you combine the practical side of these tags, their effective look and promotional features, you get a useful accessory that will appeal to your customers. If you choose two-piece plastic cards as a corporate gift for customers, you will leave the impression of a dynamic, innovative and reliable company that takes care of its associates.

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