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One-piece luggage tags

Why to give one-piece luggage tags to customers:

  • they are durable, resistant to transport damages
  • high use value
  • they promote your brand and company

How important is the marking of travel bags confirms the fact that at certain airports luggage cannot go from the check-in counter if it is not labeled with the owner's personal information. However, not every label is a good label. Paper bag tags and stickers can be damaged easily and it can happen to you to arrive at your desired destination only with the hand luggage.

One-piece plastic luggage cards are resistant to transport damages and have therefore become a necessary part of travel equipment. In addition to being extremely durable and practical, with a striking design they can be very attractive and interesting. On one side there is space for personal information of the owner, while the other side is reserved for the design that suits you best.

If you print your logo on the cards, they become a gift that your clients and associates will like due to their high use value.

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