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Loss or replacement of suitcases and travel bags is not a rare occurrence. Airline companies lose about a billion euros annually due to this problem. In order to avoid such unpleasant situations, passengers mark their luggage in different ways with badges, labels, stickers. However, these solutions are not permanent because all these "helpful tools" are very unreliable, easy to damage and lose.

Plastic luggage tags have proven to be a far more practical solution. It consists of one or two cards with a space for printing personal data of the owner. Made of high quality plastic, these cards are resistant to splitting and wear. They are pinned to bags and suitcases with silicone gum or special metal wire, and it is almost impossible to ruin them in transport.

In addition to information about the owner, plastic luggage tags have enough space for the company logo or slogan. Appropriate types of effects and personalization can contribute to effective card design and additionally highlight your brand. When you combine branding with the practical side of the luggage tag, you get an excellent corporate gift for your clients, but also a good promotional material seen by the whole world.

Whether they are used to mark suitcases, travel bags, backpacks, hand luggage, sports bags or laptop bags, these cards become your small billboard that makes your promotional campaign ongoing and up-to-date.

As a permanent companion to your clients and associates, the luggage tag will also reach those people and parts of the world that you have not even thought about. Wherever you travel, you or your customers, your company logo will also be there. In addition to fostering cooperation with the old clients, you will also be able to open space for new people and new successful partnership.