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Loyalty programme application forms, barcode labels and card holders

How do loyalty programme application forms, card holders and barcode labels help you in business?


  • they simplify process of joining membership/loyalty programme
  • help in marketing strategy
  • reduce the possibility of card allocation errors
  • enhance the image of your company or organization
  • users can use the card immediately

Application forms are the first step in the process of opening a specific program of using cards for your customers. In addition, providing the necessary personal user data, they also give you information that can help you with your marketing strategy. You will be able to inform card owners in time about sales promotions, benefits or a new product that you have prepared for them.

Barcode labels are designed as a solution that facilitates the process of accessing a particular programme. By using labels that you unstick from the card and stick to the application form, chances of replacing or losing the card that should be assigned to the user are reduced. It saves time for your employees, who do not have to look for and compare barcodes from a bunch of cards and application forms to make sure the right card gets to the right customer.

To complete the entire solution, we have included card holders in our offer. With unique design and branding, these holders can follow and reflect your company’s image and convey your values to customers in the right way.

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