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Membership cards

Why plastic membership cards?

  • easier identification of members
  • strengthening trust and sense of belonging
  • the possibility of implementing a chip or magnetic stripe

Bar-kod nalepnice su osmišljene kao solucija koja olakšava proces pristupanja određenom programu. Pomoću nalepnica koje se sa kartice prebacuju na pristupnicu, smanjuje se mogućnost zamene ili gubljenja kartica koje treba dodeliti korisniku. Ovim štedite vreme vaših zaposlenih koji ne moraju da traže i upoređuju bar-kodove sa gomile kartica i pristupnica da bi bili sigurni da će odgovarajuća kartica stići do pravog korisnika.


You will agree that it's hard to imagine a successful sports club without its fans or a library without its users. People with common interests make a particular group of people and make each association special.

Membership cards verify membership to some association and are the main mean of identification of each member. However, they can also be one of the ways to show members how important they are to your organization and thus further strengthen their loyalty.

A plastic membership card which is well-designed, with a logo or slogan of the association, connects the members with each other even more, but also connects them with you. You can reward their devotion with special programs available only with a membership card.

The cards themselves can be upgraded by a chip or magnetic stripe that, in addition to basic user data, also contains additional information created according to the needs of the organization or association.

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