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Contactless cards

Benefits of using contacless cards:

  • Easy to use
  • Fast and safe data reading
  • Implementation of RF technologies

Contemporary business and communications require speed and practicality. Therefore digital solutions are the best option when it comes to data transfer. However, safety of information, especially personal information are of great importance.

All these important parameters are combined in contactless card.

The client’s data is stored in a tiny chip RFID 125KHz, Mifare Classic 13,56MHz (1k, 4k), Mifare DESfire EV1, EV2 (2k, 4k i 8k), Mifare Ultralight, Mifare plus. It is not visible, it is embedded in the card. Information from a card is read by radio signal, which enables easier and faster use of information.

The use of contactless cards is wide, and it does not include only saving of personal data. They can be used as key cards in access control, reading working hours of employees, special club cards etc.

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