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Contact cards

Benefits of using contact cards:

  • High level of data safety
  • Easy to use
  • Implementation of various technologies

Trust between you and a client is based on quality of products or sevice you provide, but also on providing safety of client's personal data. Thanks to the technologies embedded in them, contact cards can fully respond to this demand.

Data stored on the chip 5542 and 5528 or on the LoCo or HiCo magnetic stripe have high level of protection. Theese technologies can be embedded in cards for different purposes. Whether they are cards for access control, access to confidental data or bank cards, by using them you prevent misuse of customers’ information and you ensure trustworthy and succesfull business practice.   

Contact cards with 5542 or  5528 chip can combine more elements. Beside chip and magnetic stripe, they can contain contactless chip too.

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