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Loyalty cards

3 reasons why you should introduce loyalty cards in your business:

  • They boost sale
  • They strengthen company image and business relations
  • Consumers love to leave their money to stores and shops that show that they care about them

The secret of a succesfull business lies in knowing your customers and their buying habits, but also in the way you respond to their trust and loyalty.

Do you reward your loyal customers somehow? Do you make difference between them and those who visit your store once in a while?

When the customer is in doubt, give her/him a loyalty card, make her/him feel special and encourage her/him to buy again in your shop.

Think of appropriate benefits that will be available to loyalty cardholders. Collecting points with every purchase up to certain benefits as well as various discounts, turn potential buyers into satisfied customers who keep returning. Shopping in your facility with loyalty cards will no longer create a sense of spending money, but another step towards reward.

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