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Business cards

Why a plastic business card:

  • It makes you stand out among others
  • It leaves a striking impression
  • It is durable and resistant to damage

You can download card specification here cp_spec

You probably know the feeling when you meet someone and remember nothing except your name. After a while you would like to reconnect with that person, but you feel uncomfortable to admit that you have forgotten your interlocutor’s name. You feel even more uncomfortable when you want to develop a business relationship with someone and realize that he has not remembered you.

In this case, a business card is the right solution for you.

What do you do first when you get a standard business card from a person you met at a business meeting, seminar or conference? We assume you put it in the place where you keep all the other business cards. What do you think, what do the people you met do with your business card? Probably the same!

Wouldn’t it be good to have something to make you stand out in a crowd in that situation?

An effective business card is a good introduction to the conversation.

A well-designed and well-made plastic business card is a solution that leaves a striking impression of you and your company on your interlocutor. It is your tool that directs attention and communication exactly in the direction you want.

How much plastic business cards can be inspirational, shows another possibility they offer. They can be made of a special kind of transparent material, which makes them particularly striking. This gives you even more space for creativity. With certain details and proper design, this card will make you memorable. Depending on the type of lamination (gloss or matt lamination), two different effects are possible on transparent cards.

matt lamination - frosted effect: the surface of the card has the look of sandblasted glass

• gloss lamination - clear effect: the card is characterized by great transparency and clear shine

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