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Combine a striking design with the appropriate material. Choose satin, rips or reflective rips lanyards.



Due to vivid colors and high quality of the print that this material enables, satin lanyards are a special detail of every big event and an important factor in building a good company image.



A special way of weaving, which is characteristic of decorative satin, gives this material a discreet, pearly glow and greater flexibility. That’s why the ribbons made of this type of satin are the right solution for decorating corporate gifts and the elegant detail of the various celebrations.



Dense weaving and embossed rips texture make this material resistant to tear and wear.

Lanyards made of rips are therefore extremely durable and strong.



The durability of the rips is enhanced with another element - a reflective thread that reflects the light. It makes the lanyard visible even when visibility is reduced in low lighting conditions.