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Strength and stability of success are equal to the amount of effort, persistence and courage invested in it.

Persistence starts with strong convictions, but if the goal is not clear and concrete, the energy is scattered in too many directions and it seems as if the goal did not exist. When we founded Cards Print in 2008, we were aware of a big challenge ahead of us. However, we had a clearly defined goal - to create a strong and successful team of people who can offer solutions that will help our clients improve their business.

We have started by presenting plastic cards and lanyards and multiple possibilities they offer. Through mutual cooperation with clients we listened to their needs and together created new solutions. Thanks to these solutions, we have expanded our business step by step. Today, the company delivers a variety of innovative identification and security solutions. In addition to cards and lanyards that have remained our main products, we also offer different ID accessories, accreditations, USB cards, VIP bracelets, RFID media, card readers and printers.

Our clients are mostly companies that have noticed they slowly lose their regular customers, but also powerful companies that want to have a strong brand and absolute trust of their clients. However, our key clients are companies that do not want their employees to lose too much time and money in searching where, how and who they can get the product from. We wanted to offer complete solutions to our customers, providing all the necessary products and services in one place. We have covered the entire order process - from design and prepress, through production and fast delivery, with technical support 24 hours 7 days a week.

10 years of experience and honest communication with customers helped us confirm that we included correct key elements in our business which have led our business in a good direction. High quality products, fast and accurate delivery, customer care through constantly available technical support, dedicated and qualified team provide a quality service which is the basis of our business.

Through the cooperation with numerous clients, we are moving towards achievement of our goals, but we also define new goals. This encourages us to constantly develop ourselves and to work hard in order to justify the trust of clients who address us as a company known for stability, dedication and good solutions.